Topic Books about Africa and Safari Animals for children in Early Years and KS1

We're Going on a Lion Hunt 

by David Axtell

Through the long grass, the swamp and the lake, two girls decide to go and hunt a lion - they're not scared! We're Going on a Lion Hunt is an African retelling of the classic story. Full of magnificent animals, this fun and engaging rhythmical story is perfect for little adventurers!


The Selfish Crocodile

by Faustin Charles

Every morning a large and snappy crocodile shouts this selfish message: 'Stay away from my river! If you come in my river, I'll eat you all!' One day, the animals are woken by a groaning crocodile in a lot of pain. Can the smallest of them all, a little mouse, finds a way to solve their snappy dilemma?


Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett

Sunny the Meerkat lives with his family in the Kalahari desert. They are all very close that one day Sunny decides it's just too crowded and leaves for an adventure. There's so much to enjoy, from the newspaper cuttings, postcards and wittily accurate information about each mongoose species Sunny visits on his journey. 

The Lion Who Wanted to Love

by Giles Andreae

Leo isn't like other lion cubs. Instead of chasing zebras, he wants to make friends with them. But can a lion who's so different ever fit in with the rest of his pride? Learn how Leo's kindness brings happiness to the jungle in this colourful picture book story.


Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne

Handa decides to take seven pieces of fruit to her friend, Akeyo, who lives in the neighbouring village. But as Handa wonders which fruit to take, a series of sneaky animals steal a piece from Handa's basket. When Handa reaches Akeyo, will she have anything left to offer her friend?

The Big Ceremony

by Ozi Okaro 

In this lighthearted and fun book,  join six-year-old Cheta as she attends a wedding. Delighted to wear her own stunning dress, she can hardly contain her excitement as she witnesses the captivating festivities and rituals that are part her families’ African heritage.


Lila and the Secret of Rain 

by David Conway

For months the sun has shone down on Lila's Kenyan village. Without rain the well will run dry and the crops will fail. Lila is so worried that when her grandfather whispers to her the secret of rain, she decides to go and talk to the sky herself.

Giraffes Can't Dance 

by Giles Andreae

Gerald the tall giraffe would love to join in with the other animals at the Jungle Dance, but everyone knows that giraffes can't dance ... or can they? A funny and triumphant picture book story about a giraffe who finds his own tune and confidence too.

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The Princess and the Pea 

by Rachel Isadora

When a prince sets out to find a princess to marry, he soon discovers this is not a simple task. How can he tell whether or not they are what they claim to be? Then one night a great storm rages, there comes a knock on the palace gate - and the prince's life is never the same again.


Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain 

by Verna Aardema

When a terrible drought hits the beautiful Kapiti Plain and the animals leave, young herd boy Ki-pat must find a way to end the drought and save the wildlife on the plain. A delightful rhyming story full of bright and vivid illustrations.


We All Went on Safari

by Laurie Krebs

Join Arusha, Mosi and Tumpe as they set out on a counting journey through the grasslands of Tanzania. The lively, rhyming text is accompanied by an illustrated guide to counting in Swahili, a map, notes about each of the animals they see, and interesting facts about Tanzania and the Maasai people.

One Day on Our Blue Planet: In The Savannah by Ella Bailey

A new series of children's books focused on the way our young animal friends spend a day begins with a curious lion cub. This little lion can't help chasing trouble and fun as he explores the little corner of that big blue planet he shares with us.


The Mixed-Up Chameleon

by Eric Carle

A chameleon is living an ordinary life - changing colour and catching flies on his tongue - when he comes across a zoo full of fantastic animals. But when he wishes he could be just like them, all sorts of strange things start to happen, showing why it's important not to wish yourself away but be happy with just who you are.

Solomon Crocodile

by Catherine Rayner

Poor Solomon is looking for some fun but no one wants to play. The dragonflies tell him to buzz off, the storks get in a flap, and the hippo? Well, let's not talk about the hippo. But then somebody else starts causing trouble...and for once it is NOT Solomon. Could it be the perfect pal for a lonely crocodile?


Mama Panya's Pancakes 

by Richard Chamberlin

Mama Panya is alarmed when her son Adika invites all of their friends to come over for pancakes. However will she feed them all? This clever and heart-warming story about village life teaches children the benefits of sharing as well as introducing simple Swahili phrases.

All Aboard For The Bobo Road

by Steven Davies

All aboard! Help count on bikes, sacks of rice and even chickens as the bus travels all the way to the city of Bobo. With the authentic setting in Burkina Faso drawn from the author's own experience, this is a wonderfully fun introduction for small children to an amazing culture.


The Leopard's Drum

by Jessica Souhami 

Osebo the Leopard has a magnificent drum. All the animals want it, but he won't let anyone else have a go, not even Nyame the Sky-God. So, when Nyame offers a big reward to the animal that brings him the drum all of them try. Can a very small tortoise succeed in outwitting the boastful leopard? 

How To Be A Lion by Ed Vere

Meet Leonard - a lion like no other. Leonard's best friend is Marianne, a duck. But lions chomp ducks, don't they? What will the pair do when their way of life is threatened? A powerful story celebrating daydreamers, individuality and the quiet courage to be yourself.


Introducing Africa 

by Chris Oxlade

Where is the Sahara Desert? What is Africa's highest mountain? Where do elephants live? This book answers these questions and more as it introduces young readers to the continent of Africa through age-appropriate maps, engaging photographs and simple text. 

African Animals

by Martha E H Rustad

Trumpeting elephants! Towering giraffes! Discover the animals slithering, stalking, and stampeding through the jungles and grasslands of Africa with this fantastic beginner's guide.

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