Topic Books about the Human Body for Children in KS2

Anatomy: A Cutaway Look Inside the Human Body

by Hélène Druvert

Anatomy is a gorgeous, large-format book filled with clever cutouts exploring every detail of the organs, systems and senses that make up that most marvellous of machines, the human body. 

Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey by Dominic Walliman 

Are our ears supposed to be a weird shape? Why do we sneeze? What is the point in having skin? The human body is one of the most complicated things in the Universe. Join Professor Astro Cat and the whole gang as they journey through all the wondrous parts of the human body.


Bones: Skeletons and How They Work by Steve Jenkins

In this visually spectacular book, kids come face-to-face with some boney comparisons. Here you'll find the differences between a man's hand and that of a spider monkey or the great weight of an elephant's leg, paired with the feather-light femur of a stork.

Humanatomy: How the Body Works by Nicola Edwards 

Explore the body’s organ systems with a pull-out booklet and get the answers to questions you’ve always wondered about. Packed with original illustrations, this book covers everything from what makes your heart beat to how DNA makes you who you are.


100 Trillion Good Bacteria Living on the Human Body 

by Paul Rockett 

Explore the millions of bacteria that live in and on us and help our body function healthily, our digestive system, our bones and muscles, our blood and heart, our lungs and breathing, the size of our brain and the number of hairs on our head. 

Illumanatomy by Ms. Kate Davies 

Look inside the human body with the magic three-colour lens. Use the red lens to reveal the skeleton, the green to see the muscles working, and x-ray your organs with the blue lens to find out what they do to keep you alive. Uncover the secrets of the human body and explore how its different systems work in this stunning book.


What's Eating You?

by Nicola Davies

There is one group of creatures whose habitats are not forests, seas or deserts. Instead they live on or in the bodies of other animals. They are parasites. Uncover the secrets of their amazing life-cycles and dare yourself not to scratch as you read!

Operation Ouch! The HuManual by Ben Elcomb 

Find out all about what makes YOU tick, from the wonders of the brain to the tingling in your toes. From crazy bodily functions to bizarre real-life medical cases, this is the ultimate guide to getting to know yourself, inside and out!