Topic Books about The Circus for Children EYFS & KS1

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Leon and the Place Between 

by Grahame Baker-Smith

Wanting to prove to his siblings that magic really exists, Leon volunteers to be in a magic show and gets transported to a mysterious world. When Leon returns, not only do his brothers and sister believe, but we do too. Ages 6+

The Singing Mermaid

by Julia Donaldson

Tempted by the promise of fame and fortune, the Singing Mermaid joins a circus. The crowds love her, but the poor mermaid is kept in a tank by the wicked circus owner Sam Sly, and she soon longs to return to the freedom of her ocean home.

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Circus Girl by Claire Pernice

When a little girl plays dress up she becomes 'Circus Girl', star of the show. At each page turn she jumps and tumbles, flies through the air, juggles, spins, balances and contorts. Vibrant, modern and timeless, the story conveys a captured childhood moment with simplicity.

Sandy's Circus by Tanya Lee Stone

A children's biographical story about artist Alexander 'Sandy' Calder. One day, Sandy made a miniature lion sculpture from wire. Next came a lion cage. Before he knew it, he had an entire circus and was traveling between Paris and New York performing a brand-new kind of art for amazed audiences. Follow his story in this magical book.

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Peppa Pig and the Backyard Circus by Candlewick Press

Grandpa Pig is busy setting up a big tent in the backyard for Granny Pig's garden party, but Peppa thinks it looks more like a circus tent. What could be better than to put on a circus show during the party? 

Balthazar the Great 

by Kirsten Sims

Bathalzar used to be. Now he's the only polar bear left in all the world's circuses. He greatly misses his Grandpa, who gave him his first violin. One day, Balthazar is set free and sets off on an epic journey home to find a familiar face...

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Claude at the Circus 

by Alex T Smith

Meet Claude - the ordinary dog with an extraordinary life. A walk in the park leads to a walk on a tightrope when Claude joins a circus, throws custard pies, and becomes the star of the show!