Topic Books about the Seasons for Children in EYFS & KS1

A Year Around the Great Oak by Gerda Muller

A lovely story that follows three children as they play, explore and watch the world go by from underneath their favourite, 300-year old oak tree. A beautifully detailed, seasonal story which depicts the passing of seasons over time in a tangible way for children to understand.

The Squirrel's Busy Year

by Martin Jenkins 

It’s winter. It’s cold! The squirrels are digging up acorns to eat. But what will they eat in the spring when the acorns are gone? This beautiful picture book is the perfect introduction to the seasons and how the weather changes throughout the year. 


Tree by Patricia Hegarty 

Explore the beauty of the changing seasons in this timeless peek-through book with beautiful artwork and accompanying rhyming text. Following the life-cycle of a tree through spring, summer, autumn and winter, children will easily learn to recognise the signs of the seasons with this simple yet striking picture book.

The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in One Day

by Jessica Courtney-Tickle

Discover what it would be like to travel through the four seasons in one day! Watch as the little apple tree Isabelle carries with her buds, blossoms and loses its leaves as the seasons change, and hear music from Vivaldi's Four Seasons by pressing a button on each new spread. 


Stick Man 

by Julia Donaldson

Stick Man is lost and trying to get back to the family tree, with his Stick Lady Love and his Stick Children Three. Follow Stick Man on his long journey home, as the seasons pass and he avoids dangers at every turn. Will he ever make it home? 

A Stroll Through the Seasons 

by Kay Barnham

Beautifully illustrated narrative non-fiction explorations of nature's cycles, with the introduction of scientific terms and an explanation of the earth's tilted spin and how that effects the changing seasons.