Topic Books about Animals and their Habitats for Children in KS1 & KS2

Above and Below

by Patricia Hegarty

Lift the lid on eight animal habitats to see the extraordinary natural stories that happen above and below the surface. From the rainforest to the ocean, lift the flap to explore the fascinating relationships occurring in each of the world’s ecosystems.

We Travel So Far ...

by Laura Knowles

From the epic migration of the huge humpback whale to the unbelievable determination of the tiny hummingbird, come on a trip around the world and learn the story of each animal's migration and the reasons why they travel so very far. 


Moth: An Evolution Story

by Isobel Thomas

A clever picture book about the extraordinary way in which animals have evolved, intertwined with the complication of human intervention. This remarkable retelling of the story of the peppered moth is the perfect introduction to natural selection and evolution for children.

Wild Lives: 50 Extraordinary Animals That Made History

by Ben Lerwill 

In this fascinating book, children can learn about 50 courageous creatures from around the world and throughout history. This illustrated collection gathers heart-warming, surprising and powerful stories of bravery, discovery and friendship. 


The Big Book of Beasts 

by Yuval Zommer

Did you know that the word 'beast' means a wild animal that can't be tamed? Well, explore nature's beasts with this  funny and fact-filled book. Get to know beasts such as armadillos, bears, tigers and the Tasmanian Devil, as well as those smaller beasts that lurk in our streets. 

Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard 

Darkus can't believe his eyes when a huge insect drops out of the trouser leg of his neighbour. It's a giant beetle - and it seems to want to communicate. What does a beetle have to do with the disappearance of his dad and the arrival of his horrible new neighbour, Lucretia Cutter.

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