Topic Books about the United Kingdom for Children KS1 & KS2

Pop-Up London by Jennie Maizels

Follow the River Thames through the famous, funny and fantastic sights of London – from Kew Gardens to the Olympic Village. With amazing interactive pop-ups, flaps and tabs to lift as well as buildings to explore and tabs to move, this is your chance to see London in all its 3D glory. 

Paddington at the Palace

by Michael Bond

When Mr Gruber takes Paddington to Buckingham Palace to watch the Changing of the Guard, there are so many people in the way he can’t see a thing. Luckily, a mysterious someone ‘on high’ appears to like small bears…


An English Year

by Tania McCartney 

Meet Aman, Victoria, Amelia, Tandi and George - English children representing a multicultural blend of culture and race that typifies our country. They will take you through a year in the life of English kids, from celebrations to events, to our everyday way of life.


The Accidental Prime Minister

by Tom McLaughlin

When Joe tells a news reporter what he would do if he were leader of the country, the video goes viral and Joe's speech becomes famous! Before long, people are calling for the current leader to resign ... and that's how an ordinary boy like Joe ends up with the most extraordinary job...


Bagpipes, Beasties and Bogles by Tim Archbold

This brilliant Scottish story will become a firm favourite with children and teachers alike. Narrated in a hilarious, quirky style, with wonderfully illustrated beasties and bogles waiting to jump off each page, it will captivate readers until the final surprise twist.


England (Living in the UK)

by Annabelle Lynch 

This series introduces readers to the four different countries of the United Kingdom, highlighting the differences and similarities between them. Clear, friendly text and big photos make these books a great starting point for learning about England's cultures, landscape, people and food.

Katie in London

by James Mayhew

When Katie and her brother Jack visit London, something very unexpected happens... one of the Trafalgar Square lions comes to life and takes them on a wonderful tour of all the best sights! Featuring many of London's key landmarks, this storybook has become a bestselling introduction to the city.

The Story of London 

by Richard Brassey

Roman Londinium, Saxon Lundenwic, the medieval City of London, the great metropolis that has survived the Plague, the Fire and the Blitz - it's all here! With exciting pages packed with lively pictures and witty captions, this is a brilliant introduction to London past and present.


Maps of the United Kingdom

by Rachel Dixon

Take a tour of the United Kingdom as you’ve never seen it before. Travel through the four countries and meet the incredible people born there, learn about its proud history, and discover ancient castles, modern feats of engineering and natural highlights.

The Queen's Hat

by Steve Antony  

A sudden gust of wind sets off a marvellous London adventure for the Queen, the Queen's men and one very special hat. So let's follow one determined, daredevil queen through the zoo, over Tower Bridge and up Big Ben... just where will that hat land?


The Gruffalo in Scots

by Julia Donaldosn

Did you know that the firm favourite, The Gruffalo, is now available in Scots? Come a wee bit further intae the deep, mirk widd, and find oot whit happens when the sleekit moose comes face tae face wi a hoolet, a snake and a hungry gruffalo...


A to Z of the United Kingdom by Jo Evans

Join Badger, Fox. Hedgehog and Owl as they travel around the country, with a trip to Stonehenge, a Punch and Judy show on the beach and performing at the Royal Albert Hall. Young children will love discovering some of the famous sites and experiences unique to the UK.

British Mammals

by Victoria Munson

This easy-to-follow, animal-spotting book for children introduces 50 of the most common mammals found in Britain today. With simple descriptions of each mammal, information about their scientific name, size, food and habitat and stunning colour photographs.


A Walk in London

by Salvatore Rubbino

A wide-eyed girl and her mother explore London's busy streets and towering views in this child-friendly tribute to an incomparable city. Lively paintings and breezy text capture the delight of a young visitor experiencing the wonders of London first-hand. And of course, what’s London without a little rain?


The Big Book of the UK

by Imogen Russell Williams

The Big Book of the UK introduces children to customs and culture of the United Kingdom. Filled with facts about wildlife, food, sports, geography, language and some silly place names, this book will help you uncover national secrets and unearth local legends.

Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby by Martha Mumford

Just when the little one seems to be settling, another disturbance is just around the corner. From yip-yapping corgis to marching guards and noisy party planning, the palace is awash with noise. Will it ever be peaceful enough to lull the baby off to sleep? 

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