Open up discussion on sustainability, the 6R's, global warming, pollution and how we can protect the planet with this collection of books...

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Our world can be a bewildering place. So let’s explore what makes our planet and how we live on it. Just remember to leave notes for everyone else… Some things about our planet are pretty complicated, but things can be simple, too: you’ve just got to be kind. Here We Are is the utterly heartfelt new book from Oliver Jeffers.

50 Things You Should Know About The Environment 

by Jen Green 

From the icy poles to the evergreen  rainforests, life has found a way to flourish in nearly every environment on Earth. Step inside to explore how our environment works and how our lifestyles impact its changing nature.


All the Wild Wonders

by Wendy Cooling

In this celebration of our Earth, this collection of poems will make children look, think, and ask questions. Why are trees so important? How are motorways damaging our countryside? What can we do about rubbish? Strong, colourful illustrations combine to make this a gift book with a difference.

World Without Fish

by Mark Kurlansky 

Can you imagine a world without fish? If we keep doing things the way we are, fish could become extinct within fifty years! World Without Fish is the uniquely illustrated narrative nonfiction account of what is happening to the world's oceans and what they can do about it. 


What a Waste

by Jess French

Everything you need to know about what we're doing to our environment, good and bad, from pollution and litter to renewable energy and plastic recycling. This environmental book will teach keen young ecologists about our actions affect planet Earth. 

Dear Greenpeace by Simon James

Worried that the whale living in her pond is unhappy, Emily writes to Greenpeace, who, though offering the best of advice, insist that it is impossible for a whale to live in a pond. Undeterred, Emily continues to seek the best course of action for her beloved whale, finally setting him free.


One Plastic Bag

by Miranda Paul

The inspiring true story of how one African woman began a movement to recycle the plastic bags that were polluting her community. An excellent resource for discussing environmental issues, the power of one individual, or life in Africa.

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The Journey Home 

by Frann Preston-Gannon

The ice is melting so Polar Bear sets off in search of a new home. Join him on his adventures across the seas and discover the many friends he meets along the way. This beautifully illustrated story has a powerful message of conservation and is full of things for adults and children to talk about. 

The Incredible Ecosystems of Planet Earth by Rachel Ignotofsky

Through exquisite illustrations, maps and infographics, explore how our planet works, from its ecosystems and the plants and animals that live there to the importance of biodiversity, weather cycles and more. Includes information on the dangers of climate change and ideas for how to protect Planet Earth.