Explore by-gone eras with these ancient books ...

What the Romans Did For Us

by Alison Hawes

This child-friendly guide to the Romans and their impact on life in Britain covers everything from language to food and from roads to toilets! This accessible book is perfect for children learning about the Romans for the first time.

Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans by Terry Deary

Readers can discover all the foul facts about the Ruthless Romans, including which emperor enjoyed eating camel's heels, who were the terrible twins who founded Rome and which evil emperors made murder a sport. 


Roman Soldier's Handbook

by Lesley Sims

Offers an introduction to Roman history. This survival guide for studious centurions is about how to stay alive in the Roman army. It reveals all the gruesome truths of life in the Roman army including what soldiers ate, wore and how they lived.

What Happened in the World and When by DK

This colourful book for kids is split into four main chapters - the ancient world; the medieval world; the modern world; and 20th and 21st centuries. Detailed 3D maps take you on a journey, from early civilisation to World War 2, the Space Age, and the recent rise of China.


The Romans: Gods, Emperors and Dormice by Marcia Williams

Meet Dormeo: guide to ancient Rome. He'll take you on a tour of Rome's most famous moments and most colourful characters. On the way are fascinating glimpses of life as a Roman citizen, from families to festivals, gladiators to guards, as well as a look at some of Rome’s best-known emperors.

Romans on the Rampage: Chariot Champions

by Jeremy Strong

Crazy capers abound in Ancient Rome! Croakbag the amazing talking raven tells the hilarious story of Perilus, the boy charioteer, his unpredictable family and Tiddles, the widdling elephant who's befriended them all. Part of a series.


You Wouldn't Want to be a Roman Gladiator by John Malam

Do you think being a Roman gladiator seems glamorous? Think again! If you survive, you could become a hero - but don't count on it. This title in the popular series features full-colour illustrations which combine humour and accurate technical detail. 

Look Inside: Roman Town

by Conrad Mason 

A wonderful opportunity to travel back in time and peer inside the fascinating daily life of the Ancient Romans. Lots of flaps on every page reveal rich details of interiors and the inner workings of a Roman town.


Roman Diary: The Journal of Iliona by Richard Platt

Explore the city at the heart of the ancient Roman Empire with Iliona, a Greek girl captured by pirates and sold into slavery. Through her eyes, watch the Roman army return from war, witness gladiators fighting in the famous amphitheatre, discover how Roman women dress their hair and more!

Who Were the Romans?

by Phil Roxbee Cox

Did the Romans have parties? What was the Roman Army like? These questions and more are answered in this fascinating introduction to Ancient Rome, full of colourful illustrations and surprising facts about all-powerful emperors, gladiators, senators and slaves.