Topic books about Pirates & Maps for Children KS1

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A New Home for a Pirate 

by Ronda Armitage

Pirate Jed is not happy...imagine a pirate who feels seasick all the time. After a series of adventures with new friends in need of help, Jed meets Farmer Ted, who is fed up with life on dry land – so they decide to swap! A gentle adventure about friendship and finding your place.

The Pirates Next Door

by Jonny Duddle

The Jolley-Rogers stop to fix up their ship in Dull-On-Sea. The unusual family get the whole neighbourhood spreading rumours. When the Jolley-Rogers leave, the town discovers they were wrong to assume the worst - the pirate clan have buried treasure in everyone's gardens! 


The Night Pirates 

by Peter Harris 

One night, Tom peeps out of the window and what should he see but GIRL PIRATES! Tom joins their adventure to an island where some rather lazy grown-up pirates are guarding their treasure. Tom and the pirates make a surprise attack and are soon off on the seas once more!


Once Upon a Time Map Book by B G Hennessy

Imagine that fairy tales are real and can be explored in detail with the help of maps. Each map has clear, simple directions, a compass, quadrants with letters and numbers and a key to help you find your way. This beautiful and unique book features six fold-out maps.

The Pirate Cruncher by Jonny Duddle

An old pirate tells a tavern full of pirates about an island bursting with treasure, though it is guarded by the terrible Pirate-Cruncher. Eventually greed overcomes their fear and, when a group of pirates arrive on the island, a hilarious fold-down flap shows that the island itself is the Pirate-Cruncher, who promptly swallows the whole motley crew! 



by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski

This collection of 52 highly illustrated maps details not only geographical features and political borders, but also places of interest, iconic personalities, native animals and plants, local peoples, cultural events, and many more fascinating facts associated with each region.


The Jolley-Rogers and the Monster Gold by Jonny Duddle

When Matilda discovers a treasure map inside an old bottle, she shows it to the Jolley-Rogers and they all set sail to find the mysterious island on the map. Unfortunately, they end up in the belly of the dastardly Pirate Cruncher! Can Matilda and the rest of the Jolly-Rogers rescue themselves before it is too late? 


Meet the Pirates

by James Davies

Get to know the basics on Pirates with this short introduction, from famous looters to scurvy and hygiene, with easy-to-digest, humorous text. Stunning artwork and infographics provide a fresh nonfiction approach that is sure to captivate young readers.

Knock Knock Pirate

by Caryl Hart

A visit from a pirate might sound like fun . . . but when the Captain's whole crew turn up too - causing mayhem and chaos - it's time for this little girl to panic. What is Dad going to say when he gets home?!

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Follow that Map! by Scot Ritchie

Come along as friends go on an adventure to find a missing cat and dog. Using maps to guide them, they'll make their way through their neighbourhood, into the city, across the country and around the world! This book introduces children to some essential mapping skills, including direction, symbols and how to read different types of maps. 


Find Out: Pirates 

by DK

This book takes kids back in time to discover the truth behind the myth of pirates. With beautiful photography and lively illustrations, this book will satisfy any child who is eager to learn and acquire facts - and keep them coming back for more!


by Rob Biddulph

ARRRRR! Sailing the seven seas in search of treasure, Captain Blue and his friends are unexpectedly SUNK! But with a shipwreck to explore and a mysterious stranger on a desert island to meet, they might still find some treasure after all…


Captain McGrew Wants You in his Crew! by Mark Sperring

Can you sploosh down the poop deck? Get up that rig? Find X marks the spot and get ready to dig?

Could this be the job for you?

A rollicking tale of some kids who just might find that being a pirate isn't quite as fun as they think!

Pirates Magnified

by David Long  

Ahoy shipmate! Grab your magnifying glass and explore the lives of 10 real pirates. Learn about life on the high seas, whilst using the free magnifying glass to spot more than 200 pirate-themed items in each eye-boggling illustration.

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Molly Rodgers Pirate Girl

by Cornelia Funke 

Ferocious Captain Firebeard rules the high seas. But the dastardly pirate meet his match when he kidnaps a small, feisty girl called Molly. But Molly knows something the pirates don't - the real pirate to fear is none other than Molly's mum, and she won't be pleased to find her daughter kidnapped! 


Pirate's Handbook

by Sam Taplin

A humorous guide to a pirate's life on the high seas packed with intriguing historical detail. No self-respecting sea-dog should leave port without it!


Pirates Love Underpants

by Claire Freedman

"These pirates SO love underpants, they're on a special quest. To find the fabled Pants of Gold, for the Captain's Treasure chest". This hilarious title in the Underpants series is full of pirates, sharks and treasure. You'll be yo-ho-ho-ing for days!


The Ultimate Pirate Handbook by Libby Hamilton

Want to become a pirate? You need this book! Discover the real (and revolting) life of a pirate, from recruitment (don't call us, we'll kidnap you!), grub (cackle fruit = eggs), to parts of the ship (the poop deck is not a toilet). Then visit the rogues gallery to meet the most famous pirates to ever set sail.

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