Go wild with these adventurous books... 

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Wild World

by Angela McAllister

Discover 13 incredible habitats, from the frozen Arctic to the dusty savannah, in this beautiful tribute to the last wildernesses of our world. Poetic texts bring the habitats to life, while factual information details the danger facing these incredible places.

Rainforest (Time Trails)

by Liz Gogerly 

Prepare to take a journey, from the first roots grown by newly evolved plants, through blazing fires and climatic changes, to an explosion of flora and fauna as the rainforest blossoms with life. Travel right up to the modern-day, as humans arrive, changing the rainforest and its inhabitants forever...


Borneo Rainforest

by Simon Chapman

Explorer Simon Chapman is flying to the island of Borneo in the South China Sea. He plans to trek through one of the world's oldest rainforests to find orangutans in their natural habitat. He'll be sketching some of the island's 1,000s of species of tree, mammal and bird along the way.

The Great Kapok Tree

by Lynne Cherry

One day, a man exhausts himself trying to chop down a giant kapok tree. While he sleeps, the forest's residents, including a child from the Yanomamo tribe, whisper in his ear about the importance of trees and how "all living things depend on one another" . . . and it works. 


Eyewitness: Amazon

by DK

Discover all there is to know about life in, on, and around the world-famous Amazon River. Learn about the river's geography, its source and the countries through which it flows, and the stunning and diverse ecosystems it has helped create.

The Wonder Garden 

by Jenny Broom

Open the gates of the Wonder Garden to explore five of Earth's most extraordinary habitats, each filled with incredible creatures and epic scenery. Breathtaking, engraved illustrations bring to life Earth's spectacular Wonder Garden in this stunning book which takes you on an adventure around the world.


Wild Animals of the South

by Dieter Braun

Through his beautiful and colourful illustrations, readers will be dazzled by the giraffes and elephants in Africa, koalas and kangaroos in Australia, monkeys in South America, huge blue whales in the open oceans, and many more! Perfect for studying animals in art as the book is largely wordless.

30 Million Different Insects in the Rainforest by Paul Rockett

You can count numbers all around you,  but can you the animal species found in the rainforest or the fish in the River Amazon? Find out about the rainforest's extraordinary variety of plant and animal life, its tribal people, its layered structure, its role as an oxygen producer and why we need to protect it.


Into the Jungle by Katherine Rundell 

Into the Jungle is a collection of charming and compelling origin stories with all of Kipling's best-known characters, from Baloo and Shere Khan to Kaa and Bagheera. As Mowgli travels through the Indian jungle, this brilliantly visual tale, which weaves each short story together into a wider whole, will make readers both laugh and cry.

Stories for a Fragile Planet 

by Kenneth Steven

The myths, traditional tales, and real-life stories in this beautifully illustrated book speak to the heart and mind of everyone who is concerned about our fragile planet.