Topic Books about Architecture, Famous Landmarks and Buildings for Children in KS2

For younger children see ...


Cool Architecture

by Simon Armstrong

Want to know more about the buildings around you? Interested in how the Egyptians built the pyramids, and how on earth a dome stays up?  Packed with absorbing facts and quirky illustrations, Cool Architecture tells you everything you need to know about architecture around the world.

From Mud Huts to Sky Scrapers by Christine Paxmann 

Children will be absorbed by this journey through the history of architecture, from the earliest mud huts to today's soaring towers. Chronologically arranged, this large-format book gives each iconic building its own double-page spread featuring illustrations and clearly written descriptions, facts, and features. 


The Buildings That Made London by David Long

Take an incredible journey through the streets of London and see beautiful buildings as you've never seen them before! Using original architectural drawings from The National Archives brought to life by stunning artwork, discover the rich heritage of some of London's most iconic buildings.


See Inside: Bridges, Towers & Tunnels 

by Struan Reid

Lift the flaps to reveal the mechanics and engineering of amazing bridges, towers and tunnels including the Channel Tunnel, the Burj Khalifa, Golden Gate Bridge and more. 


Architecture According to a Pigeon by Stella Gurney

In this delightful book, a pigeon takes a journey around the globe with fun facts about each of the iconic buildings he visits. Featuring the Colosseum, Taj Mahal, Golden Gate Bridge, Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower and dozens of other buildings from a 'bird's eye view'.

The World is Not a Rectangle

by Jeanette Winter 

Get to know Zaha Hadid in this nonfiction picture book about the famed architect’s life and her triumph over adversity. Determined to succeed, she worked hard for many years, and achieved her goals—and now you can see the buildings Hadid has designed all over the world.