Topic Books about The Anglo-Saxons and The Vikings for Children in KS2

The Dragon's Hoard

by Lari Don

Meet the Vikings and enter their enchanting world full of Viking mythology. Illustrated throughout, these 11 amazing stories bring the Viking Sagas, tales they themselves told, to vivid life. A fantastic introduction to Viking mythology, these illustrated tales will have children captivated.

DK Find Out!: Vikings

by DK

Did you know that Vikings were skilled artists and makers? Or that Icelandic Vikings ate whale meat, seals, puffins, and ponies? Meet Viking warriors and explorers in this book full of photographs and illustrations, fascinating facts, and engaging challenges.


Horrible Histories: Viscous Vikings

by Terry Deary

All the foul facts about the Vicious Vikings are ready to uncover, including including Viking Gods in wedding dresses, corpses on trial and Death by booby-trapped statues.

Norse Myths

by Kevin Crossley-Holland 

These dramatic, enthralling and atmospheric tales are based on the Scandinavian myth cycle – one of the greatest and most culturally significant stories in the world – and tell of Odin with his one eye, Thor with his mighty hammer and Loki, the red-haired, shape-shifting trickster.



by Sir Michael Morpurgo 

In fifth-century Denmark, a murderous monster stalks the night, and only the great prince of the Geats has the strength and courage to defeat him. Beowulf's terrifying quest to destroy Grendel, a monstrous fire-dragon is the oldest surviving epic in British literature. An epic Anglo-Saxon legend brilliantly recreated.

Everything Vikings

by Nadia Higgins

Hats with horns, flying dragons…you may think you know everything there is to know about Vikings, but think again!

With stunning visuals and energetic, impactful design, and full of fun facts and surprises, readers won't stop until they've learned everything about Vikings.


Arthur and the Golden Rope

by Joe Todd Stanton 

Follow the epic journey of Brownstone's earliest ancestor, Arthur, and travel back to the age of the Vikings where this bookish young adventurer must find the courage to save his village and defeat the mighty beast Fenrir...