Topic Books about The Tudors for Children in KS2

The Devil and His Boy

by Anthony Horowitz

London is dirty, distant and dangerous... and Tom is helpless and alone until he meets Moll. Together they find themselves chased across the city by the murderous Ratsey. But it's only on the first night of a new play - The Devil and his Boy - that Tom realises that the fate of the Queen and the country rests in his hands.

My Friend Walter

by Michael Morpurgo

Remember Sir Walter Raleigh who laid his cloak in a puddle for Queen Elizabeth I to walk across? Well, Bess meets his ghost and finds out he's her ancestor! How's she going to explain him to her family, especially when he breaks her brother's fishing rod, steals a horse and smokes cigars in her room? Will Sir Walter wreak havoc or save her family's home?

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50 Things You Should Know About Tudors

by Rupert Matthews 

Covering the 118 year period of Tudor rule, this book explores the origins of the Tudor dynasty through to its  eventual demise after Elizabeth I's death. Discover how the Tudors changed the  foundation of modern Britain - and how this  impacted the whole world.

The Lost Diary of King Henry VIII's Executioner

by Steve Barlow

Newly discovered diaries and scrapbook cuttings of Chopper Smith - chief executioner at the court of King Henry VIII - reveal astonishing details of life in Tudor time. You've never read anything like it before! 


Spy Master: First Blood

by Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler

When Jack Briars becomes an apprentice to King Henry VIII's spy master, he is disappointed to be given the boring duties. But the King's enemies are everywhere. Soon Jack is facing more adventure and intrigue than he bargained for. If he wants to stay alive, he will need to learn the arts of stealth, disguise and deception - and fast!

The Queen's Fool by Ally Sherrick

Cat Sparrow is on the road. She's following her sister, Meg, who was torn from their convent home and sent to London. She befriends a young actor, Jacques, and together they follow Meg's trail to a wondrous place called the Field of Cloth of Gold. But here, they discover that the kingdoms of England and France are both in terrible danger ...


The Fact or Fiction Behind the Tudors by Kay Barnham

Discover the goriest aspects of Tudor life, such as 'Tudors thought that bleeding made you better' or 'It is illegal to eat swans'. We look at where the idea came from and whether it has any basis in truth. Finally, each statement is given a TRUTH or BUSTED evaluation!

Life in Tudor Britain

by Anita Ganeri

This title introduces readers to life in Tudor Britain from a child's viewpoint. The book introduces general features of the time period, but focuses on what life was like for children, including where they lived, what they learned at school, and where they worked.


The Secret Diary of Thomas Snoop: Tudor Boy Spy

by Philip Ardagh 

Thomas is in training to become a spy. Entrusted with a secret mission by Lord Severn, it will take all Thomas's wits and cunning to uncover the traitors lurking at Goldenhilt Hall. Filled with amazing facts and historical trivia, kids won't be able to put this secret diary down!

Kings and Queens

by Tony Robinson 

Kings and Queens have always provided their subjects with a great deal to talk about. But how much do we really know about them? For instance, who became king when he was only nine months old? Which king invented the handkerchief? Which king died on the toilet? 



Tudor Tales

by Terry Deary

King Henry VII is a mean and ruthless king and when a young boy named Lambert Simnel lays claim to the throne, Henry is furious. Lambert is no match for the powerful king - can he escape the extraordinary punishment he faces?

The Tudors

by Marcia Williams

Arthur Inkblott, Queen Elizabeth I's scribe, retells the most famous moments in Tudor history, from the Wars of the Roses to Christopher Columbus's discovery of America and Henry VIII's many marriages! Packed with jokes, colourful comic-strip illustrations and lots of interesting stories.


Eliza Rose by Lucy Worlsey

As the only daughter of a noble family, Eliza Rose knows that she must one day marry a wealthy man. But Fate has other plans. When Eliza becomes a maid of honour, she's drawn into the thrilling, treacherous court of Henry the Eighth. Is her glamorous cousin Katherine Howard a friend or a rival? And can a girl choose her own destiny in a world ruled by men?


Cue for Treason by Geoffrey Trease

Fleeing from the evil Sir Philip Morton, Peter Brownrigg finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Soon Peter is deep in murderous plots, secrets and even treason. Set in the turbulent days of Elizabeth I, this classic story of danger and intrigue conjures up a world of mystery, twists and turns and thrilling action.


Diver's Daughter: A Tudor Story by Patrice Lawrence 

A gripping heart-in-your-mouth adventure told by Eve, a Tudor girl who sets out on a dangerous journey to change her life for the better. In this thrilling adventure based on real events, explore a fascinating and rarely seen world that's sure to hook young readers.


Treason by Berlie Doherty

William Montague is a page to Prince Edward, son of King Henry VIII. As the King's favourite, Will gains many enemies in Court. His enemies convince the King that Will's father has committed treason and he is thrown into Newgate Prison. Will must brave imprisonment and death as he embarks on a great adventure to set his father free.


The Timetraveller's Guide to Tudor London 

by Natasha Narayan

Experience the sights (some pretty, most ugly), the smells (some fragrant, most offensive) and lives (some successful, most tragic) of the inhabitants of Tudor London.


You Wouldn't Want to be Married to Henry VIII

by Fiona Macdonald

Set against a backdrop of turbulence in the royal court, this book describes Henry and his many wives - what went right, what went wrong and what became of them all. You really wouldn't want to be married to Henry VIII! 


The Boy and the Globe

by Tony Bradman

An orphan and a street-child, Toby navigates Jacobean London like an old hand. Meanwhile, the city has lost its charm for Will Shakespeare. Suffering from writer's block, he has grown to hate the drama business. But when Toby stumbles into the Globe, the boy's energy and enthusiasm rejuvenate Will, and the two set to work on a new entertainment for The Tempest.

Pop Up Kings and Queens

by Rachael Saunders

Why did Elizabeth I refuse to get married? Why did Charles I wear two shirts to his execution? Find out all about the most famous British kings and queens in this fun-packed pop-up book, full of flaps and fascinating facts.

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