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Biscuit Bear by Mini Grey

When Horace bakes a biscuit, little does he know that it's going to turn into Biscuit Bear! For in the middle of the night, that is exactly what happens, and Biscuit Bear decides that it is time he made some friends of his own. In fact, he makes a whole circus of friends and the fun begins . .

Oliver's Vegetables 

by Vivian French

Oliver loves chips. In fact, he won't eat anything else - until he plays a game with his Grandpa. Whatever vegetable he finds, he must eat. On Monday, he pulls up carrots, on Tuesday, it is spinach...Explore new foods with Oliver as he realises vegetables aren't that bad after all.

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Wanted: The Chocolate Monster by Pip Jones

BREAKING NEWS: a chocolate monster is on the loose! Keep watch, and close all cupboard doors. No chocolate bar's secure. If left at large, The Chunk will turn up at YOUR house, for sure. And worse still this fiend will make sure you take the blame!

The Gigantic Turnip 

by Aleksei Tolstoy 

This hilarious retelling of the classic Russian tale about a farmer whose turnip is impossible to pull from the ground uses simple vocabulary and quirky illustrations. Its cumulative theme will soon have young readers gleefully joining in.

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Mr Wolf's Pancakes 

by Jan Fearnley

Mr Wolf fancies some tasty pancakes but he doesn’t know how to make them! Asking his neighbours is of no use they’re a horrible lot who refuse to help. Poor Mr Wolf! He has to work it out all by himself. But what happens when those nasty neighbours want to help Mr Wolf eat his delicious pancakes?

The Gingerbread Man

by Lesley Sims

A delightful retelling the classic tale. Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch him, he's the Gingerbread Man! But although he may be able to out-run everyone, can the Gingerbread Man outwit the cunning fox?

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by Sue Hendra

Meet Supertato! He's always there for you when the chips are down. He's the superhero with eyes everywhere - but now there's a pea on the loose. A very, very naughty pea. Has Supertato finally met his match?

Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne

Handa decides to take seven pieces of fruit to her friend, Akeyo, who lives in the neighbouring village. But as Handa wonders which fruit Akeyo will like best, a series of sneaky animals steal a piece from Handa's basket. When Handa reaches Akeyo, will she have anything left to offer her friend?

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I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child

Lola will not carrots, potatoes, mushrooms OR baked beans. And she will absolutely NEVER eat a tomato. But when Charlie explains that peas are actually green drops from Greenland, and carrots are orange twiglets from Jupiter, even Lola is tempted... 

The Giant Jam Sandwich

by Janet Burroway

One hot summer in Itching Down,
Four million wasps flew into town. What are the villagers going to do about this noisy, nasty nuisance of a swarm? Make a giant jam sandwich - that's what!

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Soup Day by Melissa Iwai

A young girl and her mother shop to buy ingredients for vegetable soup. At home, they work together, step by step, to prepare the meal. A little later, the family sits down to enjoy a special dinner. Soup Day celebrates the importance of making a nutritious meal and sharing in the process as a family. 

How To Make An Apple Pie and See the World

by Marjorie Priceman

An apple pie is easy to make...if the market is open. But if the market is closed, the world becomes your grocery store. This deliciously silly recipe for apple pie takes readers around the globe to gathering ingredients. 

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The Little Red Hen by Mary Finch

The lazy rooster and mouse can't be bothered to help the Little Red Hen tend her ear of wheat. They can't be bothered to help her take it to the miller either, or bake it into bread. But when her loaf of warm bread is ready, the Little Red Hen is not at all inclined to share it with them. The rooster and the mouse soon mend their ways!

Grandpa's Garden by Stella Fry

Grow your own class vegetables with Grandpa's Garden. This beautifully told story follows Billy from early spring to late summer as he helps his grandpa on his vegetable patch. When harvest time arrives they can pick all the vegetables and fruit they have grown. 

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I Really Want the Cake

by Simon Philip

There's a smell I can't ignore. It's wafting through the kitchen door. It's time for me to find out more.I think it might be cake. How do you resist the most amazing cake ever? Especially when your mum has left a note saying that you MUST NOT eat the cake?

Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea 

by Morag Hood

Lee is a pea. Colin isn't a pea. And so begins the deliciously funny story of two very different friends: a small green pea and a tall orange carrot stick. Colin the carrot can't do everything the peas can, but he has some special carrot-y qualities that make him a very good friend to have.

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Hello, Hot Dog!

by Ms. Lily Murray 

Hot Dog is relaxing on some comfy bread when suddenly...disaster strikes! It looks like he's about to become lunch. Prepare for a laugh-out-loud book about this hot dog's quest for freedom. Told entirely in speech bubbles, this story demands participation and your undivided attention.


by Sue Hendra

Cake has been invited to a party. He's very excited! He's never been to a birthday party before. And he doesn't know what to expect. But as the candles on his party hat begin to burn and the other party guests start to sing, Cake starts to think that this is one party he'd rather not be at..



by Jillian Powell

From chocolate and tea to flowers and cotton, discover the history of fair trade and its products. Learn what difference fair trade makes to the people producing the goods, what the ten principles of fair trade are, and how fair trade practices affect the environment.

How Did That Get in my Lunchbox? by Chris Butterworth 

One of the best parts of a child's day is lunch time. But how did that delicious food get there? From planting wheat to mixing dough, climbing trees to machine-squeezing fruit, here is a clear, engaging look at the steps involved in producing some common foods.

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Pancakes to Parathas

by Alice B McGinty

Breakfast varies from country to country, but it's how all children begin their day. Explore the meals of twelve countries in this playful approach to the world. With rhythm and rhymes and bold, graphic art, this book invites young readers to explore the world through their breakfast! Ideal for ages 6+

What's On Your Plate? 

by Whitney Stewart

What's on your plate? Chances are it's not quite the same as what's on other children's plates around the world. Come on a journey to see how people in different countries prepare, eat, and think about their food. Beautiful photographs, illustrations and recipes capture the food culture of 14 countries. Ideal for ages 6+

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