Topic Books about Journeys and Adventures for Children EYFS & KS1

Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett

Sunny the Meerkat lives with his family in the Kalahari desert. They are all very close that one day Sunny decides it's just too crowded and leaves for an adventure. There's so much to enjoy, from the newspaper cuttings, postcards and wittily accurate information about each mongoose species Sunny visits on his journey. 

The Way Back Home

by Oliver Jeffers

One day, a boy finds an aeroplane in his cupboard. He didn’t remember leaving it in there, but he thinks he’ll take it out for a go right away. At first, the plane flies higher and higher - until suddenly, it runs out of petrol! The boy is stuck on the moon, but he is not alone...


Jack and the Flum Flum Tree 

by Julia Donaldson

Jack's Granny is sick with a bad case of the moozles! The only cure is the fruit of the flumflum tree which grows on the faraway Isle of Blowyernose. It's a perilous journey, but Jack bravely sets sail. Can he succeed in collecting the precious fruit?

The Snail and the Whale

by Julia Donaldson

One little snail longs to see the world and hitches a lift on the tail of an enormous whale. Together they go on an amazing journey. But when disaster strikes and the whale is beached in a bay, it's the tiny snail's big plan that saves the day!

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Mr Gumpy's Outing

by John Burningham

Mr Gumpy decides to take a trip along the river. But the children, the rabbit, the cat, the pig and lots more friends decide to join him. Everyone's having a lovely time until the animals start kicking, bleating, and flapping and the boat starts to rock. What will happen...?

Blown Away by Rob Biddulph

Come on an unexpected journey with a fearless blue penguin!It’s a windy day, and he has a brand new kite – but where’s he going? Penguin Blue and his friends go on a gloriously illustrated adventure full of good ideas, homesickness and the perils of kites.

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The Bear and the Piano

by Mem Fox

A bear stumbles upon a piano in the forest. He teaches himself how to play and he is heard by a father and son. The bear follows them to New York, where his playing makes him a star. He has fame and fortune, but misses those he has left behind. A moving tale of exploration and belonging. 

Journey by Aaron Becker 

A stunning, wordless picture book about self-determination and friendship follows a little girl who draws a magic door on her bedroom wall. Through it she escapes into a world where wonder, adventure and danger abound. Red marker pen in hand, she creates a boat, a balloon and a flying carpet which carry her on a spectacular journey ... who knows where?

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The Lonely Beast 

by Chris Judge

Have you heard of the Beasts? No, not many people have. That's because they are very rare. This is the tale of one such Beast, whose determination to overcome his loneliness leads him to undertake a daring and dangerous quest to find others like him . . .

Henry and the Yeti

by Russell Ayto

Henry is sure yetis do exist, and he sets off on an expedition to find one. He has packed everything he needs, including a camera to take photos for evidence. But can he find a yeti? And will anyone believe him when he returns home?

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Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

One day, a penguin arrives on a boy's doorstep. He decides the penguin must be lost. They set out in his row boat on a journey to the South Pole to return the penguin home. But when they get there, the boy discovers that maybe home wasn’t what the penguin was looking for after all. A beautiful story of loneliness and friendship.

Around the World in 80 Tales

by Saviour Pirotta 

This story collection explores 6 different continents through retellings of traditional tales. Featuring weird and wonderful plots, amazing characters and exotic locations, these stories are both hilarious and moving  and will encourage children to learn about different cultures and the wider world.


We're Going on a Bear Hunt

by Michael Rosen

Follow and join in the family's excitement as they wade through the grass, splash through the river and squelch through the mud in search of a bear. What a surprise awaits them in the cave on the other side of the dark forest!

Mini Rabbit Not Lost

by John Bond

Mini Rabbit loves cake – but cake can’t be baked without berries. Off he goes, on a foolhardy mission to find some. But does his mission go to plan? A hilarious story with an unexpected final twist.


Space Tortoise by Ross Montgomery

Tortoise is lonely - he's never seen any other tortoises. Then, one day, he looks up and the night sky, and sees a million blinking lights winking at him. "That must be where the other tortoises are - at the top of the sky!." But how can a little tortoise get to the top of the sky? And so begins a magical journey...

The Star Tree by Catherine Hyde

It is midnight and Miranda’s nightlight has gone out. She climbs on her rocking horse and makes a wish… And so begins a magical midnight journey with the great white owl, the little red hare, the big white bear and the giant stag. A mysterious, magical picture book with beautiful, dreamlike illustrations.


Before I Wake Up... 

by Britta Teckentrup

A young girl falls asleep and travels through the sky, down to the ocean's depths and into a jungle. She is accompanied by a lion friend, who gives her confidence and helps her explore the world. The gently told story reassures children that they are never alone, even in their dreams. 

Whatever Next! 

by Jill Murphy

The moon and back before bath time? Whatever next! Join Baby Bear as he finds a rocket, makes friends with an owl and has a picnic on the moon. A beautiful story of innocence and imagination, full of the characteristic warmth and humour of Jill Murphy.

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Stick Man by Julia Donaldson

Stick Man lives in the family tree. With his Stick Lady Love and their stick children three. But it's dangerous being a Stick Man. A dog wants to play with him, a swan builds her nest with him. He even ends up on a fire! His adventures take him far and wide...will he ever get back to the family tree?

The Thing by Simon Puttock

One day, the Thing falls from the sky.

Together four strangers decide to work together to take care of it. But before long a media circus builds up and the debate about the Thing spreads around the world. This captivating picture book explores thoughtfulness, friendship and a gentle social commentary on the search for meaning in modern life.

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The Magic Bed

by John Burningham

The sun has almost set, but Olive, Barney and Ella are wide awake and ready for adventure!Ella has a secret wish . . . to see a dragon! So off they clamber into a hot-air balloon and are whisked away to magical lands. They see pirate teddybears and unicorns and tigers, but will they ever see a dragon?


Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Some of the most famous and daring explorers from history are featured in this interactive, lift-the-flap book. Find out about Marco Polo's journey from Italy to China, Ibn Battuta's 28-year trip around the globe, Christopher Columbus' discovery of the 'New World', space exploration and lots more.


Star Seekers

by Theresa Heine

Journey through the night sky on a poetic journey that blends adventure, imagination and science to teach the basics of our solar system. Includes endnotes about the planets, stars, moons and constellations - and even a little mythology!


The Journey Home

by Frann Preston-Gannon

The ice is melting so Polar Bear sets off in search of a new home. Join him on his adventures across the seas and discover the many friends he meets along the way. This beautifully illustrated story has a powerful message of conservation.


Wishing for a Dragon

by Becky Cameron

The sun has almost set, but Olive, Barney and Ella are wide awake and ready for adventure!Ella has a secret wish . . . to see a dragon! So off they clamber into a hot-air balloon and are whisked away to magical lands. They see pirate teddybears and unicorns and tigers, but will they ever see a dragon?