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Go wild with these adventurous books... 

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Wild by Emily Hughes

A little girl who has known nothing but nature from birth. She was taught to talk by birds, to eat by bears, and to play by foxes. But one day she is snared by some very strange animals that look like her, but they don't talk right, eat right, or play correctly. Now she lives in the comfort of civilization. But will civilization get comfortable with her?

Monkey Puzzle

by Julia Donaldson

Follow lost baby Monkey as he encounters all sorts of (the wrong!) animals on his search to find his mum. A clever and funny rhyming book that also introduces an array of jungle animals through fantastic illustrations.


Tiger Tiger 

by Jonny Lambert

Old Tiger’s world is dull and grey, and all he wants to do is snooze the day away. But little Cub is having none of it! With bold and stylish illustrations, Tiger Tiger is a celebration of light and colour with an array of fantastic jungle animals.

The Secret Life of a Tiger

by Przemyslaw Wechterowicz 

By day, Tiger is a cat with simple pleasures. But by night his secret life is revealed – and it's very surprising! Find out about Tiger's unexpected hobby in this funny, warm-hearted book that reminds us that sometimes animals (and people) behave in unexpected ways.


There's a Rang-Tan In My Bedroom by James Sellick

When a little girl discovers an orangutan in her bedroom, she can't understand why it keeps shouting OOO! at her shampoo and her chocolate. But when Rang-tan explains that there are humans burning down trees so they can grow palm oil to put in products, the girl knows what she has to do: help save the orangutans!

Little Kids First Big Book of the Rain Forest by National Geographic kids

A delightful, age-appropriate introduction to tropical rain forest creatures big and small. Explore facts about the creatures' sizes, diets and homes, with a map of tropical rain forests around the world showing where the animals are found.


Over in the Jungle

by Marianne Berkes

Sing, clap, and count your way among enchanting rainforest animals This rainforest is teeming with monkeys that hoot, ocelots that pounce and parrots that squawk! It won't take much to have your class hooting and squawking too.

Once Upon a Jungle

by Laura Knowles

Step inside the wild and colourful jungle with this richly illustrated book that introduces the food chain concept through simple, poetic language. Learn how the circle of life allows the jungle ecosystem to flourish, and see how many animals you can spot hiding along the way.

jungle ani.jpg

Night Monkey Day Monkey 

by Julia Donaldson

Night Monkey and Day Monkey don’t think they have much in common. But when they each spend time in the other's opposite worlds, exploring the jungle around them, they learn a lot - and they also learn to be the best of friends.