Topic Books about Key Events in the Calendar for Children in EYFS, KS1 & KS2

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The Scariest Book Ever

by Bob Shea

Reader beware! This is the scariest book ever! Or so claims its melodramatic ghost narrator. Actually, despite the ghost's scare-mongering, none of the animal characters in the illustrations seem scary at all. . . A hilarious book for both children and adults alike.

The Roll Away Pumpkin

by Junia Wonders

On a windy autumn day, Marla Little comes running down the hill, yelling, “Help! My giant pumpkin is rolling away! Onward it goes, rolling and turning, with no sign of stopping! Can she catch it before it’s gone forever?


People in History: Guy Fawkes by Stephen White-Thomson

A fun and interactive beginners look at Guy Fawkes, and the Gunpowder Plot. This book tells the story of Guy Fawkes and his part in the Gunpowder Plot. Find out about Guy Fawke's early life, how and why he joined the plot to kill James I and what happened afterwards.


Stories of Witches & Wizards

by Enid Blyton

This collection of 25 short stories is populated by every sort of magical and mysterious creature, from a grumpy wizard who is outwitted by an elf to pixie who rides on a rabbit. With lots of humour and fantastic characters, these will be a magical read for Halloween.

Five Little Pumpkins 

by Ben Mantle

Five little pumpkins are sitting quietly on a gate until night falls and they are joined by a cast of creepy characters – witches, spiders, bats, frogs and ghosts – all determined to cause plenty of Halloween mischief!

Room on the Broom

by Julia Donaldson

The witch flies happily until a wind blows away her hat, bow and wand. Luckily, they are retrieved by a dog, a bird and a frog, who are keen for a ride on the broom... but the broomstick isn't used to such a heavy load and snaps in two! With a greedy dragon looking for a snack, the witch's animal pals better think fast!

How to Make Friends with a Ghost by Rebecca Green

What do you do when you meet a ghost? One: Provide the ghost with its favourite snacks, like mud tarts and earwax truffles. Two: Tell your ghost bedtime stories (ghosts love to be read to). Three: Make sure no one mistakes your ghost for whipped cream or a marshmallow when you aren't looking!


Bonfire Night 

by Nancy Dickmann 

Explores religious and culture holidays and festivals explaining why, when and where they take place and who celebrates them.


Why Do We Remember?: Remembrance Day

by Izzi Howell

Why Do We Remember?: Remembrance Day explores how and why on this day we commemorate those who died in wars, from the First World War right up to modern day conflicts. Poppies, memorials and Remembrance Day parades are all also looked at.


A Child's Garden

by Michael Foreman

A boy’s world is ruin and rubble, with a wire fence and soldiers separating him from the cool hills where his father used to take him as a small child. Can a tiny, green plant shoot give him hope in a bleak landscape?

Why? by Nikolai Popov

A frog finds a beautiful flower and picks it. When a mouse sees him with it, his jealousy overcomes him, and he takes it. Frog's friends come to his aid and chase the mouse away. But Mouse's friends return for a counter-attack. By the end of it, all either side can ask is: why? This seemingly simple book tackles the important subject of conflict and war.


Love Is by Diane Adams

In this affectionately funny book, girl and duckling grow in their understanding of what it is to care for each other, discovering that love is as much about letting go as it is about holding tight. Children will adore this warm exploration of growing up while learning about the joys of love offered and love returned.

Valentine's Day

by Emma Carlson Berne 

On Valentine's Day we celebrate our friends and loved ones. People make cards and give away sweet treats. Sing along as you explore Holidays in Rhythm and Rhyme! Includes online music access.


This Love by Isabel Otter

It doesn't matter who we are, join hands and stand up tall. Love is a special language that's understood by all.
Love is understood and shared by people all around the world. Whether playing with friends or sharing a special moment with family – love can unite us all.

Under the Love Umbrella

by Davina Bell

Whatever you fear, come close my dear. You’re tucked in safe for always here. And I will never not be near. Because of our love umbrella. A stunning celebration of the joy and comfort that is always with us, wherever we roam in the big, wild world.


A Hug is for Holding Me 

by Lisa Wheeler

A Hug Is for Holding Me is a sweet, cozy book about love and affection and invites children to engage with the natural world in a fresh, new way. Some hugs are tight and some hugs are snug . . . but guess who gives the BEST hugs?

Love Monster

by Rachel Bright

It can be tough being the only funny-looking Monster in Cutesville, but this Monster is not one to hang around and feel sorry for himself, so he’s off – out into the big wide world to look for someone to love him. A warm and witty tale about the power of taking action.


Mother's Day 

by Shirley Hughes

From the fun of waking up in the morning, getting the bus into town with Mum or even stories all together at bedtime, this joyous tale gives readers a snapshot into a child's day and celebrates the special bond between a mother and child.

I Love My Mummy

by Giles Andreae

A sweet, rhyming picture book about the special relationship between mother and child. From the author of picture book classic, Giraffes Can't Dance.


My Mum

by Anthony Browne

She's nice, my mum . . . My mum's a fantastic cook,and a brilliant juggler. She's a great painter and the strongest woman in the world! She's really nice, my mum. A warm, funny tribute to Mum (and to mums everywhere) by the brilliant author and illustrator Anthony Browne.

My Mum is Fantastic!

by Nick Butterworth

Mum's a brilliant artist, she can balance on a tightrope, she can swim like a fish, do amazing stunts on a bike and she can tame wild animals ... in fact, there's very little she can't do. "It's great to have a mum like mine. It's fantastic!" And no one can argue with that!


Party for Dads 

by Adam and Charlotte Guillain 

Full of fun and silliness, this is the perfect picture book gift for celebrating all kinds of different dads. With bouncy rhyming text, this story is great for reading aloud with children aged 3 years and up and perfect for encouraging them to join in the story. 

Daddy is My Hero 

by Dawn Richards

A child plays dress up with Dad, and together they go on some amazing adventures. Dad becomes a cowboy and a knight, fights pirates and flies a spaceship, all in the course of one special day together. A tender, touching tribute to all the heroic dads out there!


Daddy Sandwich

by Pip Jones

Daddy, would you like a sandwich, with all your favourite things...?Join one little girl on her quest to make her father the perfect sandwich, whether he likes it or not... You're in for a wicked surprise! This brilliantly funny and charming picture book is perfect for ages 3+.

Looking After Daddy by Eve Coy

Jump inside the imagination of one little girl who likes to pretend she's babysitting her daddy, when really he's looking after her! When he grows up he could be an astronaut or a lion tamer or a famous chocolate maker, but his most important job is being her Dad. An uplifting tale of a stay-at-home father and his daughter.