My Birthday Book Tradition

When my son, Oscar, turned one, I wanted to give him something that was a bit more ‘special’ – something that he could look back on (or let’s face it, I could) and remember his very first birthday.

A simple idea that came to me was to buy a book that everyone at his party could write a little message in for us read together in years to come. I am usually a paper back buyer, but this time I bought in hard back, not only so it lasted longer, but also so it was easier for everyone to write in when it was passed around. I wanted to find a book that meant something; something that had a gentle, timeless message to symbolise how much we loved him. I eventually settled on The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin; a beautiful story that celebrates the dreams, acceptance and endless love that we have for our babies. But in my searching, I found a lovely selection of books that would have also fit the bill perfectly. I plan to make this a bit of a birthday tradition, so some of these books can definitely make it onto his second birthday list too.

Oscar is only 18 months at the moment, so we haven’t quite got to the age where we can really enjoy them, but I hope we can have some cozy moments sharing them together soon

Also on a side note – if you can read any of these books without tearing up, I salute you and your balanced hormones.

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