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The Princess and the Wizard 

by Julia Donaldson

The princess may try seven times to escape, by changing her colour and changing her shape. But each time Princess Eliza changes - the wicked wizard finds her. Will this plucky princess be able to outwit him and escape in time to cut her birthday cake? 

Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby by Martha Mumford

Just when the little one seems to be settling, another disturbance is just around the corner. From yip-yapping corgis to marching guards and noisy party planning, the palace is awash with noise. Will it ever be peaceful enough to lull the baby off to sleep? 


The Princess and the Giant 

by Carly Hart

Princess Sophie is EXHAUSTED and it's all because that grumpy old giant can't sleep - his stomps keep everyone awake. But Princess Sophie is a resourceful girl and, as she reads her favourite book of fairy tales, she wonders if she might just have the answer...

The Cook and the King

by Julia Donaldson

The king has tried all the cooks in the kingdom, but no one is good enough. Then he spots Wobbly Bob. But how will Bob be able to cook for the king when he's scared of...well, everything?! 

Discover how the king helps Bob face his fears on a adventure across land and sea.

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Mr Wolf and the Enormous Turnip 

by Jan Fearnley

Mr Wolf is back, and he has one thing on his mind - a great big enormous turnip! But Mr Wolf needs some help. The turnip is stuck fast. Can the little frog with the sad tale and a sparky princess help him?


The Worst Princess 

by Anna Kemp

After waiting what feels like a lifetime, Princess Sue's prince finally arrives, but he's not quite what she had in mind. Find out how the feisty princess escapes the clutches of her twit of a prince in this funny, feminist twist on the traditional princess tale. 


Princess Daisy and the Dragon and the Nincompoop Knights

by Steven Lenton

When a truly terrifying sound wakes the inhabitants of a fairytale kingdom, clever Princess Daisy soon figures out the problem but her father the King just won't listen. After all, what can a princess do?... 

Princess Smartypants

by Babette Cole

Princess Smartypants does not want to get married. But being a rich and pretty princess means that all the princes want her to be their Mrs. Find out how Princess Smartypants fights to preserve her independence in this hilarious fairy-tale-with-a-difference.