Topic Books about Protecting and Caring for the Planet EYFS & KS1

The Journey Home 

by Frann Preston-Gannon

The ice is melting so Polar Bear sets off in search of a new home. Join him on his adventures and discover the many friends he meets along the way. This beautiful story has a powerful message of conservation and is full of things for adults and children to talk about. 

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Planet Awesome

by Stacy McAnulty

'Hi, I'm Earth! But you can call me Planet Awesome.' In this hilarious and informative book filled to the brim with eye-opening, kid-friendly facts about our planet. It'll have children questioning, 'why aren't we looking after Earth more?'


My Green Day by Melanie Walsh

Discover ten easy ways in which every child can make their day greener for the environment. With a helpful explanation to back up every activity, this is the perfect picture book for teaching young children the importance of looking after the world around them.

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Duffy's Lucky Escape

by Eleanor Jackson 

This beautifully illustrated story guides young children through Duffy's adventure and her encounter with plastics in the sea after a storm. It teaches children the importance of looking after our environment and how they can help in a fun and friendly way.


Look After Your Planet 

by Lauren Child

With a bit of help from Charlie, Lola learns all about recycling and how it is extremely very important to look after our planet. Soon she has found an extra-specially fun way to do more recycling - and gets lots of her classmates to join in too!


The Trouble with Dragons

by Debi Gliori

What are we to do with those beastly dragons who pollute the oceans, chop down the trees, gobble up all the food and use everything up without stopping to think!? A book that addresses concerns about the environment in a child-centric and accessible way.

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