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Topic Books about Summer and the Seaside for Children EYFS & KS1

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The Coral Kingdom 

by Patricia Hegarty

From brightly coloured corals to shimmering shoals of fish, the diversity of life on a coral reef is celebrated in this visually stunning picture book with a strong ecological message about the need to protect this most precious of environments. 

Summer: A Pop-Up Book

by David Carter

Explore the summer season with this bright and colourful book. Each page depicts flora and fauna commonly found during the summer months. Pictures of strawberries, tomatoes and more are labeled with simple text, making the book easy to understand and enjoy.

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The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch by Ronda Armitage

Enjoy this summer classic. Every day Mr Grinling tucks into delicious lunch, prepared by his wife. But he isn't the only one who enjoys the tasty food! Mrs Grinling has to think of a cunning way to stop the greedy seagulls from stealing the lighthouse keeper's lunch. 

Sally and the Limpet 

by Simon James

A heartwarming story about a little girl who learns an important environmental lesson. When Sally pulls a limpet off a rock at the beach, it sticks to her finger – and nothing she does will unstick it. Sally's teacher says that limpets live on the same rock for twenty years. So will Sally ever get the limpet off her finger?

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The Storm Whale 

by Benji Davies

One day, Noi finds a baby whale washed up on the beach after a storm and decides to take care of it. However, much to his upset, Noi is persuaded by his father that the whale must go back to the sea where it belongs. For Noi, even though he can't keep it, the arrival of the whale changes his life for the better.


by Annabelle Lynch

Explore the sunny seaside and meet the creatures that live there, from busy crabs to colourful anemones. An ideal introduction to non-fiction for beginner readers, blending accessible text with big, striking photos.

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Billy's Bucket

by Kes Gray

Billy wants only one thing for his birthday - a bucket. Inside it, he can see all kinds of magnificent sea creatures. But Mum and Dad are sceptical and, when Dad unwittingly uses the bucket to clean his car, he's in for a big surprise!

Sharing a Shell 

by Julia Donaldson

When Crab finds a new shell, he doesn’t want to share it with anyone – especially not a blobby purple anemone and a tickly bristleworm. But life in the rock pool proves tougher than Crab thinks and he soon finds he needs his new housemates.

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by Suzy Lee

This evocative wordless book tells the story of a little girl's day at the beach. Stunning in their simplicity, Lee's illustrations, in just two shades of watercolour, create a vibrant story full of joy and laughter.


by Child's Play

Follow the children in this book as they discover and explore the unique character of summer, through indoor and outdoor play.Sensory, detailed and child-centred, this is the perfect introduction for young children to the cycles of the year.

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Lucy & Tom at the Seaside 

by Shirley Hughes

Enjoy this timeless Lucy & Tom book which has every element of a wonderful day at the seaside.  From paddling to picnics, from sandcastles to beach games - this is the perfect book for summer celebrations.

At the Beach

by Roland Harvey

It's summer and time to head for a camping holiday. 'Don't forget to write!' says Grandma. And, sure enough, the postcards come thick and fast, detailing all the timeless pleasures of playing on the beach, paddling and surfing, finding treasures, dancing to the glow of a bonfire. 

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Ways into History: Seaside Holidays by Sally Hewitt

Seaside Holidays compares what it would have been like to go on holiday to the seaside in the past with modern seaside holidays today. Readers are encouraged to explore what has changed and what has stayed the same, including the places we stay, beach activities and the clothes we wear.

A First Book of the Sea

by Nicola Davies

A spellbinding collection of poems about the oceans of the world and their shores. With this book, children can swim alongside dolphins and flying fish, pore over rock pools and sail from pole to pole and back, learning about everything the seaside has to offer.


Seaside Poems 

by Jill Bennett

Let's do the flip-flop frolic and splash into the sea! Playing on the sand, looking at starfish, going to the funfair, imagining mermaids, or listening to the wind and waves-this book is full of poems about what children love to do at the seaside.

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Squishy McFluff Seaside Rescue 

by Pip Jones

Ava is excited to be going on holiday to the seaside. But with Squishy McFluff, the mischievous invisible cat coming along things are bound to get very, very silly...

Magic Beach 

by Alison Lester

At our beach, at our magic beach, imagination abounds. The poetic text and accompanying detailed illustrations show the possibilities of turning a normal, everyday place into a magical one. Picture a beach where adventure begins…


Sneakers, the Seaside Cat 

by Margaret Wise Brown 

On Sneakers′ first trip to the seaside, his curious paws find surprises in the sand. There′s a mischievous crab, playful shrimp, and a shell that echoes the roar of the ocean. Experience with Sneakers the sights, sounds, and smells of an ocean beach.

Shells: A Pop Up Book of Wonder by Janet Lawler

Along beaches, shells beckon with their timeless beauty and wonder. They provide protection for many ocean animals, populate colourful coral reefs, and sometimes surprise with a pearl inside. Fabulous interactive features and fun facts abound in this unique pop-up book.


Who's Hiding at the Seaside?

by Katharine McEwen 

There are lots of animals at the seaside. Where are they hiding and what are they doing? In this innovative lift-the-flap book, little ones can pore over the beautiful collaged pages and explore under rocks, shells and seaweed to find out interesting facts about seaside wildlife. 

Tilly's At Home Holiday 

by Gillian Hibbs 

Tilly’s friends are all going to exciting places for their vacations, but she is staying at home. Mum says they’ll have a great time together, but Tilly thinks it’s impossible to have any vacation fun at home! Or is it?


Peppa Goes on Holiday

by Peppa Pig

Peppa and her family go on their first holiday abroad! They pack their suitcases and fly all the way to Italy, where they eat pizza and go sightseeing! But there's so much to see and do that Peppa keeps leaving poor Teddy behind! Will he make it home in the end?

Clem and Crab by Fiona Lumbers 

Treasure hunting on her beloved beach, Clem stumbles across Crab, his claw stuck in a plastic bag. Crab will be much safer and happier in the city with Clem, but doesn’t he belong on the beach?
A stunningly illustrated timely tale of cleaning up our beaches, with the message that every small action helps.


Summer Days and Nights

by Wong Herbert Yee

On a hot summer day, a little girl finds ways to entertain herself. She catches a butterfly, sips lemonade, jumps in a pool, and goes on a picnic. At night, she sees an owl in a tree and a frog in a pond, and hears leaves rustling. Before long, she's fast asleep, dreaming about more summer days and summer nights.

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