Topic Books about Fantasy, Fairy & Folklore Tales for children in Early Years and KS1

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Red Riding Hood 

by Lari Don

Lari Don's retelling of this well-loved tale is lively and exciting with a wolf who is just scary enough for younger children to enjoy. With eye catching illustrations, this is a perfect introduction to the traditional tale classic.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 

by Amanda Askew

A beautifully illustrated version of the classic story of curious (or some might say nosey!) Goldilocks and her encounter with three bears.


The Elves and the Shoemaker by Alison Edgson 

When the kind shoemaker runs out of money, he worries how he will finish his shoes. Then one morning, he find the most magnificent pair of shoes. 

But who has made them...and why? The classic story comes to life with lift-up flaps to encourage prediction and discussion.         

The Three Little Pigs

by Mei Matsuoka

Then I'll HUFF and I'll PUFF and I'll blow your house down! cried the wolf. Find out what happens in this classic tale when the three little pigs build homes made of straw, sticks and bricks. With lively illustrations to engage and excite.


The Boy Who Cried Wolf 

by Tony Ross

Whenever Harry is made to do anything he doesn't like, he distracts people by crying, 'Wolf!'. Then one day, when the wolf really does jump out at Harry, nobody listens when he cries 'Wolf!'. A hilarious and quirky retelling of a famous fable, with an unexpected ending!

The Magic Paintbrush

by Julia Donaldson

With her magic paintbrush, Shen enjoys painting things to help others. But when the evil emperor hears of her gift, he commands Shen to paint gold for him instead. She is determined to paint only for the need, but can she match the emperor's mighty power?


The Ugly Duckling 

by Pat-a-Cake

The poor Ugly Duckling is chased away from his home because he doesn't fit in. Join him on his journey of survival and homecoming. This story is a perfect introduction to the classic tale, with its gentle, rhythmic text and bright, friendly illustrations.

Jack and the Beanstalk

by Richard Walker

With beautiful, quirky illustrations to update an old classic, this traditional tale follows Jack and his visits to the Giant's castle up the magic beanstalk. 


The Little Red Hen 

by Mary Finch

The lazy rooster and mouse can't be bothered to help the Little Red Hen tend her ear of wheat, to make into bread. But when her loaf of warm bread is finally ready, the Little Red Hen is not at all inclined to share it with them. The rooster and the mouse soon mend their ways!

The Gingerbread Man 

by Lesley Sims

Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch him, he's the Gingerbread Man! But although he may be able to out-run everyone, can the Gingerbread Man outwit the cunning fox? The simple and engaging text is accompanied by gorgeous illustrations


Stone Soup 

by Jess Stockham 

A group of intrepid travelling dogs arrive in a village in the grip of winter and food scarcity. They are met with hostility, but manage to entice the villagers to share their treasured food stores to make 'stone' soup. Will they succeed in making the village a much happier place than they found it?

The Gigantic Turnip 

by Aleksei Tolstoy 

This hilarious retelling of the classic Russian tale about a farmer whose turnip is impossible to pull from the ground uses simple vocabulary and quirky illustrations. Its cumulative theme will soon have young readers gleefully joining in.


The Princess and the Pea 

by Lauren Child

The tale of a prince, a princess, perfect politeness and a peculiarly hard pea. This beautifully presented book explores the tale of the down-to-earth princess through a stunning mix of artwork and photography to create a fairy tale to be treasured.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

by Mary Finch

Will the three goat brothers make it across the big, hairy troll's bridge to the sweet grass on the other side of the stream? In this quirky picture book, vibrant paper collage illustrations and predictable text keep young readers engaged with the classic story.


Around the World in 80 Tales

by Saviour Pirotta

Around the World in 80 Tales takes children across six continents, with entertaining folktales from 80 different storytelling traditions. From a dragon princess in China to a clever peddler in Morocco, children will meet wonderful characters as they travel around the globe.


A Year Full of Stories: 52 folk tales and legends from around the world by Angela McAllister 

Celebrate your year with this treasury of 52 best-loved stories from around the world. This rich collection of folk tales, legends and myths commemorates the changing seasons, cultural events and festivals throughout the year.

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