Topic Books about Fantasy, Fairy & Folklore Tales for children in Early Years and KS1

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Red Riding Hood 

by Lari Don

Lari Don's retelling of this well-loved tale is lively and exciting with a wolf who is just scary enough for younger children to enjoy. With eye catching illustrations, this is a perfect introduction to the traditional tale classic.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 

by Amanda Askew

A beautifully illustrated version of the classic story of curious (or some might say nosey!) Goldilocks and her encounter with three bears.


The Elves and the Shoemaker by Alison Edgson 

When the kind shoemaker runs out of money, he worries how he will finish his shoes. Then one morning, he find the most magnificent pair of shoes. 

But who has made them...and why? The classic story comes to life with lift-up flaps to encourage prediction and discussion.         

The Three Little Pigs

by Mei Matsuoka

Then I'll HUFF and I'll PUFF and I'll blow your house down! cried the wolf. Find out what happens in this classic tale when the three little pigs build homes made of straw, sticks and bricks. With lively illustrations to engage and excite.


The Boy Who Cried Wolf 

by Tony Ross

Whenever Harry is made to do anything he doesn't like, he distracts people by crying, 'Wolf!'. Then one day, when the wolf really does jump out at Harry, nobody listens when he cries 'Wolf!'. A hilarious and quirky retelling of a famous fable, with an unexpected ending!