Topic Books about School and Settling In for Children EYFS & KS1

The Kissing Hand

by Audrey Penn

School is starting but Chester does not want to go. To help ease his fears, Mrs. Raccoon shares a family secret to give him the reassurance of her love any time his world feels a little scary.

A Little Bit Brave

by Nicola Kinnear

Logan is a stay-at-home bunny - but it's time for his first adventure, and he doesn't want to go. There's an amazing world outside, if he can just pluck up courage to look. A funny, reassuring book which shows that we're all a lot braver than we think.

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Me and My Fear

by Francesca Sanna

When a young girl has to travel to a new country and start at a new school, her Fear tells her to be afraid. How can she make friends if she doesn't understand their language? A heart-warming tale that shows us the importance of sharing your fears with others.


Under the Love Umbrella

by Davina Bell

A beautiful story about the wonder of ever-present love. A celebration of the comfort that is always with us, wherever we roam in the big, wild world. Perfect for children who are apprehensive about leaving their family to start school.

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The Everywhere Bear 

by Julia Donaldson

The Everywhere Bear has a wonderful time with the children in Class One, but one day he gets more than he bargained for when he falls from a backpack and embarks on his own big adventure! Great for introducing a class toy to take home.  

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The Koala Who Could 

by Rachel Bright

Sometimes change comes along whether we like it or not ... but if you let it, change can be the making of you. Kevin the Koala discovers this and more in this book from the bestselling creators of The Lion Inside!

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Starting School 

by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

From first day nerves to finding your peg, this reassuring read is full of humour and fun for children, parents and teachers alike. A gentle book which offers advice and enjoyment before school starts.

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Never Take a Bear to School 

by Mark Sperring

Yes, taking a bear to school is a bad idea. But will this little boy find the courage to face the first day of school alone? A delightful story to reassure every child anxious about starting a new school or nursery.


The Worry Box

by Suzanne Chiew

Murray Bear has lots of worries. With the help of his sister, Murray makes a special box in which to keep his worries. But can the worry box really help? A perfect book for children dealing with anxiety or feeling nervous about starting at school or nursery.


Whiffy Wilson 

by Caryl Hart

Whiffy Wilson doesn't know how to hold a pen and has never looked in a book, but his friend Dotty is on hand to show him that school is fun. Soon, Whiffy is in his element, and realises that school is the BEST THING EVER!

Boris Starts School

by Carrie Weston

On first appearances, Boris is a big, scary bear. But soon, his classmates learn not to judge a book by it's cover. A beautifully-observed story with a positive message about friendship and acceptance.

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Pig the Pug 

by Aaron Blabey

Pig is bad-tempered, rude and he never, ever shares. When Pig is asked to share his toys, his greed finally backfires and something unexpected happens to him. Will Pig the Pug learn his lesson at last? A hilarious picture book about learning to share.

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I am Too Absolutely Small for School 

by Lauren Child

Charlie's little sister Lola is nearly big enough to go to school. But Lola is not so sure! This classic first-day-at-school tale addresses children's fears with warmth, humour, and a lot of fun.

Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School 

by David Mackintosh

Quirky and brilliant, Marshall is new to school and definitely stands out from the crowd; but will he find it easy to make friends? Perfect for children starting at school and meeting new friends.

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Mouse's Big Day 

by Lydia Monks

Meet Mouse, Mole, Owl, Frog, Rabbit and their teacher Miss Hoot at their fun-filled treetop school in Mouse's Big Day, a warm and funny story about friendship that is perfect for any child who is starting school or nursery.


by Deborah Freedman

Shy loves birds, but he's only ever read about them in books - until a real bird comes along! He's dying to meet her, but there's just one problem: Shy is, well, so shy that he's afraid. Can Shy overcome his fears and venture out onto the page?


All Are Welcome  

by Alexandra Penfold 

Follow a group of children through a day in their school. A school where children in patkas, hijabs and baseball caps play side by side. A school where diversity is a strength. Engaging lyrical text and bright, accessible illustrations make this book a must for every classroom.


Mind Your Manners

by Nicola Edwards 

Welcome to the jungle! It’s full of misbehaving animals, from messy monkeys to grumpy bears. But with the help of these memorable rhymes and adorable animal illustrations, your class will enjoy learning why it pays to say ‘please’, and how good manners make the world go round.


What You Shouldn't Do At School 

by Joshua McManus 

Introduce class expectations with this hilarious book. Go on on a light-hearted journey of the natural rules of school, with funny situations that will have children laughing and will create a positive picture of times at school. 

Stuff to Know When You Start School 

by DK

No matter what grown-ups tell you, being little is hard work. But don't panic, this book is here to guide you along the way by teaching you the skills you need to look after yourself, get on with others, and be ready for your first day of school.


The Bear Who Shared

by Catherine Rayner

Norris the bear has been waiting for the last fruit to fall from the tree. But Tulip the raccoon and Violet the mouse have too ... although not quite so patiently. Norris catches the fruit when it finally falls, and because he is a wise bear, he shares it and makes two new friends.



by Benji Davies

Meet Tad. She’s the smallest tadpole in a big pond. Although something else lives there too… BIG BLUB! And when everyone else starts to disappear, Tad starts to wonder if Big Blub will get her too? A big story about a tiny tadpole – about growing up, branching out, and taking a leap into life.


Dear Teacher by Amy Husband

A hilarious collection of letters from Michael to his new teacher. From traveling to the pyramids to getting attacked by pirates, each letter is increasingly outlandish. But when Michael's teacher writes back telling him all of the exciting school activities she has planned, Michael soon realises all the fun he'd miss out on!


Captain Starfish by Davina Bell

Alfie wants to participate in all the fun activities, like going to a party or leading a school parade, but his shyness limits him. That is until a revelation at the aquarium helps him to realise he can find a happy medium between hiding away and being the star. A gentle, thought-provoking book for any child with social anxiety.


This is Our House

by Michael Rosen

George says the cardboard house is his and he's not sharing. One by one each child is refused access until tables are turned and George finds how it feels to be on the receiving end. A topical and perceptive book that shows that it is much more fun to share.

How to Get Your Teacher Ready for School by Jean Reagan

Follow a class of adorable students as they make sure their teacher is ready all year round. Written in a tongue-in-cheek instructional style, this book is a playful and heartwarming celebration of teachers and school, and an empowering book to help calm back-to-school nerves!

My Mouth is a Volcano 

by Julia Cook

All of Louis's thoughts are very important, but sometime they erupt from his mouth like a volcano! An empathetic approach to the habit of interrupting that teaches children a technique to capture their thoughts to share at an appropriate time. 

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