Topic Books about Transport over Time for Children in KS1

The Great Balloon Hullaballoo

by Peter Bently 

When Simon the squirrel’s mum sends him off to the shop, Simon decides to fly to the moon in Old Uncle Somerset’s hot air balloon in search of cheese. Shopping in outer space is very exciting, but proves to be a bit of a distraction . . .

The Way Back Home

by Oliver Jeffers

One day, a boy found an aeroplane in his cupboard. He didn’t remember leaving it in there, but he thought he’d take it out for a go right away. At first, all went well and the plane flew higher  until suddenly, with a splutter, it ran out of petrol. The boy was stuck on the moon and he was not alone.


Around the World in 80 Ways

by DK

A fascinating and engaging book exploring 80 exciting ways to travel, both past and present - from the obvious, to the crazy!Travel around the world by yacht, tram, unicycle, jetpack, camel... any way you can imagine, in this non-fiction children's book.

You Can't Take an Elephant on the Bus by Patricia Cleveland-Peck 

Never put a camel in a sailing boat, or a tiger on a train, and don't even THINK about asking a whale to ride a bike ... This riotous picture book is filled with animals causing total disaster as they try to travel in the most unsuitable vehicles.


Emma Jane's Aeroplane 

by Katie Haworth 

Emma Jane zooms off in her aeroplane around the world. Along the way she makes a crew of animal friends who save the day when the little plane gets into trouble... A rhyming narrative and a zingy female protagonist, this tale is perfect for little explorers everywhere.


Mrs Armitage on Wheels

by Quentin Blake

Mrs Armitage sets off for a quiet cycle but she just can't help thinking of ways to improve her bicycle. Before very long she has added three very loud horns, a bucket of water to wash her hands, a complete tool kit. But it is when she finally adds the mast and sail, that Mrs Armitage really runs into trouble. . .


Naughty Bus by Jan Oke

When a little boy gets a toy double-decker bus as a gift, he uses his imagination to make the bus come to life. The little bus gets into all sorts of trouble -driving over the table, crashing through breakfast and falling in a lake. The toy bus is certainly naughty!​

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems

When a bus driver takes a break, he gives the reader just one instruction: "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!" But, boy, that pigeon tries every trick in the book to get in that driving seat. Will you let him drive? Told entirely in speech bubbles, this  funny book demands participation!


Professor Astro Cat's Space Rockets 

by Dominic Walliman 

Professor Astro Cat's latest adventure leads young readers through the wonders of space travel. Easy-to-understand facts and beautiful illustrations introduce rockets, astronauts, satellites and the space station.


All Aboard For The Bobo Road  by Steven Davies

All aboard! Help count on bikes, sacks of rice and even chickens as the bus travels all the way to the city of Bobo. With the authentic setting in Burkina Faso drawn from the author's own experience, this is a wonderfully fun introduction for small children to an amazing culture.


The Hundred Decker Bus

by Mike Smith

What if one day a bus driver turned down a new and exciting road and picked up new and exciting people?  Join the exciting bus journey as it travels anywhere and everywhere, growing taller and taller with each adventure!


A Journey Through Transport

by Chris Oxlade 

From steam engine to spaceship, tractor to tandem, take a journey into the weird and wonderful world of transportation! Travel back in time and explore the first bikes, cars, trains, and planes. Then discover shiny new modes of transport and explore the amazing ways machines transport us around today. 


All Kinds of Cars by Carl Johanson 

This partly true, partly fictitious book is a fantastic visual collection of cars and other wacky forms of transportation. Johanson's book identifies the ordinary along with the extraordinary - from fire engines and snow plows to galactic buses and guitar cars. All Kinds of Cars is a playful mix of existing and imaginary for children who LOVE cars!


Violet the Pilot

by Steve Breen

By the time she's two, Violet can fix nearly any appliance in the house. And by eight she's building elaborate flying machines from scratch. The kids at school tease her, but they have no idea what she's capable of...


Last Stop on Market Street 

by Matt de la Peña 

CJ begins his weekly bus journey around the city with disappointment and dissatisfaction, wondering why he and his family can't drive a car like his friends. Through energy and encouragement, CJ's nana helps him see the beauty and fun in their routine.

Little People, Big Dreams: Amelia Earhart

by Isabel Sanchez Vegara 

Told as a story for children to enjoy, we follow Amelia Earhart, whose strong will and self-belief helped her overcome prejudice and technical problems to become the first female flier to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean. 


If I Built a Car

by Chris Van Dusen

"If I built a car, it'd be totally new! Here are a few of the things that I'd do. . . ."Jack has designed the ultimate fantasy car. Inspired by zeppelins and trains, Cadillacs and old planes, with brilliant colours and lots of shiny chrome, this far-out vision is ready to cruise!

Children's Transport Encyclopedia 

by Philip Wilkinson 

This fascinating encyclopedia takes a  comprehensive look at the world of transport, with transport on the road, on railways, in the  water, in the air and in space.

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Transport Around the World

by Moira Butterfield 

Take a journey around the world to discover the transport methods used by children just like you! Where in the world do children learn to run their own railway?What is the best way to travel across a sandy desert? What colours are the cable cars of La Paz, in Bolivia? Find out in Transport Around the World!

Around the World in Every Vehicle 

by Amber Stewart

Follow the Van Gos as they travel in different vehicles throughout their trip and find out how popular modes of transport look in different cities and countries around the world - from tuks tuks to helicopters.

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Taking Flight

by Adam Hancher 

Follow the fearless highs and dangerous lows of the Wright brothers in their quest to take to the skies in this courageous – and true – story of the pioneers of flight. The Wright brothers dared to dream of being the first men in the world to fly… but would they ever see their dreams take flight? 

Amazing Transport

by Tom Jackson

Fasten your seat belts and get ready to zoom through the history of transport and discover incredible facts about all kinds of vehicles along the way. With wonderfully intricate illustrations, Amazing Transport tells the story of some of science's most recognisable inventions in a way you've never seen before. 

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