Topic Books about War, World War One, World War Two, Conflict and Peace for Children in KS1 & KS2

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The Christmas Truce

by Carol Anne Duffy

Down at the front, on a cold winter's night in 1914, amidst the worst war the world had ever seen, an inexplicable silence spread from man to man. Belief was in the air. Then the soldiers ceased fire and the magic of Christmas took hold . . .

The Little Hen and the Great War by Jennifer Beck 

A young soldier is fighting in the trenches of wartime France when he finds a hen.  The other soldiers laugh when they see him looking after her and sharing his food, but when the hen thrives and begins to lay eggs for them, they realise that perhaps survival and hope are possible after all. 


War Boy: A Wartime Childhood by Michael Foreman

Life during wartime is vividly brought to life in this personal story filled with childhood memories - from hiding in air-raid shelters to playing in the bombed-out ruins and the arrival of American soldiers. War Boy combines a touching personal story with factual information and wonderful illustrations. 

See Inside: The Second World War by Rob Lloyd Jones

Lift the flaps and discover the insides of some of the military vehicles used during campaigns including tanks, fighter planes and aircraft carriers, while others look in depth at life during the Blitz and the action on the beaches during the invasion of Normandy.


One Boy's War

by Lynn Huggins-Cooper

A young soldier's honest portrayal, told through letters home and a frank journal, of his enthusiasm for the 1914 recruitment campaign, and joining up – followed by the disillusionment and degradation of soldiering in the trenches of World War I.

Where the Poppies Now Grow

by Hilary Robinson

Set in a bygone age, the carefree childhood of Ben and his best friend Ray becomes a distant memory when they join the army to serve their country. But, in the midst of battle can their friendship survive? Perfect for lower KS2.


My Secret War Diary

by Marcia Williams

Flossie is just nine years old when Britain declares war on Germany and her father leaves home to join the army. Flossie is left to bring up her brother and to face a whole host of new experiences on her own. Her diary becomes an outlet for relaying all the news from at home and abroad.